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General Information


What are your cover materials?

We presently offer a choice of 4 basic cover types:

  1. Full Grain Leather – these are European and South American sourced hides.  Colours range from tried & true classics to some bolder colours.  See our Full Grain Albums page for more details and a picture of cover swatches.
  2. Linen & Book Cloth – these albums feature a selection of Italian book cloths and our very popular natural linen.  See our Linen & Book Cloth Albums page for more details and a picture of cover swatches.
  3. Synthetic Leather Albums – these are our 100% man-made covers and are totally animal friendly.  We’ve been careful to source synthetics that look & feel like the real thing.  We love them & we think you will too.  See our Synthetic leather Albums page for more details and a picture of cover swatches.
  4. Photowrap Albums – these are the albums for those that need maximum visual impact.  Our photo wraps are 100% printed covers front, back & spine.  This gives you a massive blank canvas to play with.  We use a thick laminate to protect our photographically printed covers from UV & moisture. See our Photowrap Albums page for more details and a picture of cover swatches.
  5. *NEW* – Bamboo – with the launch of studio (our upcoming design & order platform in 2017) we’ll be introducing a new bamboo album cover.  Details pending.

See swatches of all our album cover materials by visiting our gallery page or by clicking the facebook icon in the main menu.


Do you offer studio sample albums?

Yes we offer studio sample albums at a discounted rate to help you sell albums.  We offer a 50% discount, max 2 per calendar year (Jan-Dec).  Albums are not intended for resale and will be branded as such.

Read all about it here.

Does lifethreads adjust my prints?

All files are printed as received without any corrections. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their prints are accurate for colour, levels, contrast, etc.

What we do:

What about colour management & ICC profiles?

lifethreads albums has custom ICC profiles that you can use in your software when doing your post work, downloads are below:

Our workflow assumes that you are working with calibrated equipment and have basic knowledge of colour management.  We are unable to provide support for colour management services or calibration

For more information on colour management & the use of , we highly recommend visiting Dry Creek’s website for more on colour management

What is the price of your albums?

You must be a professional photographer with an approved lifethreads studio account to have access to our pricing.

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What are your album sizes?

Our albums come in three orientations, with several sizes in each.  Sizes of albums always refer to the closed size of the album in inches, and are not exact.  We always refer to our album sizes in width x height.  The open album spreads will be equal to twice the width x the height.

  1. SQUARE ALBUMS (width = height when album is closed)
    • 6×6
    • 8×8
    • 10×10
    • 12×12
  2. LANDSCAPE (horizontal) ALBUMS (width > height)
    • 8×6
    • 10×8
    • 12×8
    • 14×11
    • 16×12 (by request, some restrictions apply on these albums)
  3. PORTRAIT (vertical) ALBUMS (width < height)
    • 6×8
    • 8×10
    • 10×12

Check out our albums overview page for more information.


Why flush mount albums?

This is a great question.  We could go on and on, or we could bash the alternatives.  Rather than that, we’ve chosen to give you a few key points to consider why we think flush mount albums are the best choice:

  • flush mount allows us to print silver halide (RA4 photographic processing) – still considered the gold standard for photographic print quality
    • the best colour, clarity, etc. – your images deserve that, right?
    • deep blacks & bright whites
  • because we use uncut panoramic spreads in all our albums – no unsightly cut lines at the center of your album when laying open
    • because our uncut spreads give you maximum design creativity
  • all our albums are truly lay flat
  • every album is hand-made

You album will look amazing for years, longer than you or we will.  It’s not just a book, it’s an investment into a priceless family heirloom that can be passed through the generations.

What are your shipping charges?

We charge a standard flat-rate $15* to ship to anywhere in Canada with Canada Post.

We also ship to the US & Internationally.

Please login to lifethreads studio and click on the Shipping & Promotions Price List from your dashboard for a full list of shipping rates.


*All prices are in Canadian $.

How do I design my album?

Many of our customers begin by asking: “How do I design my album?”.  We have dedicated a full page to this question – click here to check it out.

Here is a quick overview of options:

  • use lifethreads studio – it’s free!
  • use one of our partners album design apps; all our album sizes & settings are already in these apps & import your spreads into lifethreads studio for ordering – learn more here
  • use any other design software such as InDesign or Photoshop & import your spreads into Creator for ordering

If you are interested in custom design services, drop us a line and start the conversation.

Return policy?

lifethreads albums 100% guarantees customer satisfaction with the workmanship of our products. Should one our products ever deteriorate due to an inherent manufacturing defect we will repair and/or replace the product free of charge. Reasons such as and not limited to normal wear and tear, improper product storage/care, product misuse, do no constitute as inherent manufacturing defects. Customers must contact lifethreads albums to receive an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) from lifethreads albums. No merchandise will be accepted without an RMA.

While all products are fully checked before leaving our warehouse, in the rare instance where a customer’s product arrives with a manufacturing defect, customers must contact lifethreads albums within 1 business day of delivery receipt to be issued an RMA.  Sundays do not count as a business day.

Due to the custom handmade nature of our products and the natural variances that may occur in materials used therein, there may be minor variances across duplicate books such as and not limited to slight cover material colour variances, end paper/cloth variances, binding type, headbands, laser engraving placement, laser engraving tone, plaque placement & engraving tone, book block trim, etc. Minor differences across different reprints of the same book and/or across books printed including, but not limited to, slight variances in colour fidelity are not valid reasons for cancellations, reprints or refunds on orders. While every effort is made to keep our products as consistent as possible, variations in handmade products are a normal occurrence and are not considered manufacturing defects or defects in workmanship.

From time to time lifethreads albums at its discretion, may change or offer different materials for use in our covers, presentation and/or packaging. Due to the handmade nature of our products this also means that materials and book options are subject to availability. If a customer orders and/or reorders with us, and materials or book options happen to be different than advertised on our website due to unavailability or changes, this does not warrant the ability to request reprints, refunds or cancellations on orders.

Except for the cases expressly described in this return policy, and due to the fact that each book ordered from lifethreads albums is a made to order, custom handmade item, under no circumstances do we cancel orders once in production, accept returns or process refunds for any reason, except to the extent we guarantee your satisfaction with the workmanship of our books, as described above.

Please note customers are responsible for paying all shipping fees when returning products to lifethreads albums

lifethreads albums reserves the right to have final discretionary say on all warranty / return claims.

How do I know my colour is accurate?

Colour (color) management can be tricky – there are so many variables from our machine to your camera and your editing computer & monitor.  To make it as simple as possible, here’s what you need to know:

  • we print on a silver halide (RA4) system  (this means real photographic paper & chemistry no drylab or press printing)
  • we use professional grade Fuji Crystal archive papers and Fuji Deep Matte papers only (we are currently unable to offer icc profiles)
  • we calibrate our machines daily, and often, in the middle of the day again if need be
  • over 98% of our customers find our colour to be accurate and and very pleased
  • we print in 8-bit sRGB only
  • files should be submitted at 300dpi and JPG format
  • ordering through Creator will let you know if your files do not meet these standards

What about my monitor?

  • You must be responsible for your monitor calibration and the tweaking thereof to obtain accurate results.  We find that even with a good quality calibrator and software, your eye still knows best and a visual tweaking is sometimes necessary and even a good thing.
  • We find that a few of our customers find that they have to compensate for the backlighting of their monitors when they begin printing by adjusting the brightness & contrast settings of their monitors.
  • We recommend a good quality ISP display, using sRGB colour space.  Despite the statement that we are Apple fan-boys, we really do find that the imac and macbook pro displays give generally quote accurate colours out of the box with a bit of visual tweaking only.

All albums are printed uncorrected – WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS. If you’ve NEVER printed with us, register today &  order a free mini sample album.  This is a great way to check out your colour and our album quality.

How long will it take to get my album?

How long?  Orders are generally ready to ship within 7 business days* or about a week.  Most orders are often even faster than that.

*Business days are Monday – Saturday. Production times will increase during peak periods such as Christmas, we do our best to inform customers and set cut-off dates for orders to ensure we can meet all our customers expectations.


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