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i'm ready to order an album - where do i begin?

lifethreads studio: our all-in-one design & ordering app

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(sign up if not already a member)Click the link above to login. Once in, you'll have access to prices and all the tools & other cool stuff studio offers!
build & design
using lifethreads studioStudio introduces 2 awesome features: Visual Product Builder & Drag & Drop Design. We've also bundled in auto-design & templates to get you started fast!
integrated shopping cart
(payment control)After you click the shopping cart button, you'll be taken to the built-in shopping cart where you'll enter your payment details and the album will be on it's way to us.
ship with ease
Canada / US / InternationalIt's now easier than ever to choose your shipping location & method or to add drop shipping or expedited shipping. Do it all in your studio shopping cart.

some basic tips to get you started


  • what are the requirements for me to use lifethreads studio?

    Not too much. You need to set up an account. Then login and get started (you will need an up to date Browser and a high speed internet connection). We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your browser. (Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge do not work well are not recommended or supported)

  • Why studio?

    With the move to studio we are able to place cutting edge technology into our customers hands to give you the best user experience possible. Redesigned from the ground up, studio solves many old problems and introduces more great new features!
    Check it out in the video at right or sign up/login above to start today.

  • Can I Design My Albums My Way?

    Of course. Studio is here to help not limit you. We are still partnered with Fundy Album Designer and SmartAlbums2 so you'll find all our settings in them. Just import your spreads into the studio designer. You can also design from scratch if that's your thing...but studio makes it so easy, why would you?

  • Is My Order Secure?

    Yes. Studio is hosted on a secure server to ensure that your images, your persona data and your financial transactions are all protected by the latest in online security measures.

  • I Need More Help

    We know, starting something new always brings a million questions - we have them too. We're working hard on rolling out a series of short videos and building a knowledge base to help with the transition. All this will be available within lifethreads studio.

  • What are Your Prices?

    If you haven't already done so, please click the sign up button above. Once you are approved, you'll have access to our pricing.

studio has a built-in self-help knowledge base and support tickets

need more help?