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premium european & south american leathers

full grain leather covers

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features of our full grain leather albums

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  • Premium European & South American Hides

    When we say "full grain leather" we mean the real deal. Our hides arrive at our facility in the shape of an animal, not on a roll. This means beautiful natural variations in grain & texture and the look, feel and smell that only genuine leather has. Truly the premium cover material we offer.

  • Perfectly Padded Covers for the Right Touch

    All our leather covers are padded with a special 1mm high density foam. This allows each cover to have a luxurious feel that yields just a bit to the touch but bounces back to form - a bonus is that it also protects the inside contents of your album. Our foam looks good out of the box & for years to come.

  • Rounded & Pleated Corner Detail

    Our leather covers are the only ones to feature rounded & pleated corner detail. This gives the albums a hand-crafted artisanal look and is the perfect blend of traditional quality with modern aesthetic appeal.

  • 1mm page cores

    Our page cores are made from 1mm PVC that is impermeable to water. "What does this matter - I'm not swimming with my album?" We're glad you asked. We found that paper fibre based page cores (or substrate) were subject to subtle changes in humidity that lead to warping or bending of the album pages when transferring from our facility to yours and again to your client's house. Our albums stay flat forever. And that's a good thing.

  • Many Available Options for Upgrade & Customization

    Leather is a beautiful material that allows us to do a lot with it. Our leather albums feature the largest range of upgrade options. Details on the options and brief descriptions of what they are can be found below.


full grain leather covers
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Our full grain leathers feature South American & European sourced hides from reputable suppliers.  Each hide bears the look and feel and smell that only genuine leather brings.

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cover upgrades & packaging

We are currently revamping our album packaging.  Currently, every album (except 16x12) ships in a white, non-branded dust bag.  Soon, they will also ship in a non-branded brown kraft album box.  All included in the price! 
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We offer several cover upgrade options including:

Laser Engraving (synthetic & full grain albums only) - we do not offer debossing or foil stamping
Cameos - picture inset on the front cover (cloth/linen, synthetic & full grain leathers)
Plaques - engraved aluminum plaque inset on the front cover (cloth/linen, synthetic & full grain leathers)

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Pricing on all options, upgrades & packaging is available on our pricing page (you will need a password to access this page)


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