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save 50% on studio sample albums

Scroll down for details of how to order a studio sample album

show 'em to sell 'em
you need a studio sample album

A studio sample is your best bet to selling an album to a client.  It's their opportunity to touch & feel the album they'll get.  

It's your opportunity to make an emotional connection that will have them not just wanting an album, but seeing themselves in one.

You wouldn't buy a car without a test drive, why would your client buy...

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show what you want to sell
don't leave them guessing

We recommend ordering a studio sample that is no less than what you intend to sell in terms of size, cover material & number of spreads.  

i.e. If you intend to sell a 10x10 album (but you offer 12x12 and 8x8 options as well), show the 12x12 album.  It's easier to visualize downward than upward...

For 5 tips on creating Studio Sample Albums that sell

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how to order a studio sample album

1. place your order in lifethreads studio
import/design & sendlike you would normally order an album
2. Choose STUDIO SAMPLE in Product Builder options
no code to enterthis will apply your discount
3. Checkout & Done
Your order is on it's way!Turnaround time is the same as normal albums.
by ordering a studio sample album you agree to these policies

other important details & policies

  • the discount

    We offer a 50% discount* on studio sample albums. This is 50% off the full price of the album, all upgrades and options included.  Standard shipping of $15 anywhere in Canada applies.  

    *Studio sample discounts may not be combined with any other promotions or discounts.  Discount is subject to change at anytime.  lifethreads albums reserves the right to forgo the studio sample discount on an order under circumstances of perceived abuse of the policy. Rush orders waive any discounts.

  • no code

    To get the discount in lifethreads studio, you just turn on the STUDIO SAMPLE option in Product Builder

  • how many can I order?

    - You may order 2 studio samples per calendar year. This is a max of 2 studio samples per calendar year per customer.

    - Your studio sample discount may not be combined with any other discounts - under any circusmtance. e.g. Signing Books are not eligible for studio sample discounts

    *lifethreads albums reserves the right to make changes to the studio sample policies and discounts at any time and without notice. lifethreads albums reserves the right to decline a studio sample to a customer based on perceived album usage or previous order history.

  • non-refundable

    Studio sample albums are heavily discounted and as-such are non-refundable. Please make sure to triple-check your work before submission to ensure that your order is accurate.

  • branded: "Not for Resale"

    - *NEW* Due to abuse of our non-branded policy, we are returning to a subtle "Studio Sample - Not for Resale" branding on ALL studio sample albums - no exception.

    This brand is located on the back cover, in the center, near the bottom. It is engraved on full grain & synthetics, a plaque on linens and added as a watermark to the photo wrap covers. The brand does not include the name "lifethreads albums" in it.

    If you do not want any branding on the album, you can always order a regular full-priced album.

  • help!?!?

    Visit HELP in the mina menu of lifethreads studio for FAQs and step-by-step instructions.