cover materials

We offer covers in the following materials.  Click an album type to learn more, see cover swatches, etc.

  1. Full Grain Leather
  2. Linen & Book Cloth
  3. Bamboo Front (your choice of material on spine & back)
  4. Photo Wrap (100% full bleed front & back printed cover)
  5. Synthetic Leather


standard & upgrade packaging

Standard Packaging:

Every lifethreads album comes in a standard brown kraft box* that is included with the purchase of the album. 
*Boxes are not available for 16x12 albums.

Packaging Upgrades:

We sell black synthetic leather presentation cases in two sizes: 14x11 and 12x12.  Smaller albums can be nested into the larger cases using a foam nest to hold the album.

How to Order: You can add a presentation case to your purchase in lifethreads studio Product Builder.  


click on an option to learn more

options & upgrades

cover cameos

Rather than traditional cut-through windows, we use a unique heat-set process to create our cover cameos.  In this process, we take a laminated photographic print, bond it an aluminum plate and then use heat & pressure to create depression in the cover that the photo plate can be permanently glued into.  The process is similar to de-bossing.  The photo plate sits flush with the cover material and is free from catching.

The results speak for themselves:
- corners that are clean & crisp (no messy fabric tears or soft looks
- no cover bulges due to layering of materials
- incredibly flexible placement that allows you to have a look & feel that's yours

How to Order: You choose this as an Designable Cover (in Design Your Own or Template Albums) when beginning your order in lifethreads:Creator.


laser engraving

To offer cover names & dates, we use a laser engraver rather than traditional stamping and de-bossing process.  Yes, we blast your book with our laser! There are a few advantages to this:
- more flexibility in fonts because we do not require metal dies to be made for each font/logo
- cheaper because we do not have to pay for these dies
- unique & different
- flexible placement (just not spines)
- available on all our full grains & synthetic leathers

How to Order: You choose this as an upgrade option in the Shopping Cart during your Creator order.

aluminum plaques

Our aluminum plaques are a classy alternative to the laser engraving process. Rather than engraving the cover material directly, we engrave an aluminum plaque and heat-set this into the cover in the same process as our cameos.  The result is a more traditional and refined cover upgrade that allows personalization but is still very flexible in terms of plaque size & placement.

How to Order:  You 


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