Perhaps the single most common question we get is: “What are your prices?”  quickly followed by “Why can’t I see them on your website?”   Here’s the 5W answer to that question:

  1. Who can see lifethreads albums’ prices?

    • lifethreads albums are sold to professional photographers, album design companies or professional photographic resellers only.  They are not available to the general public.  You must be a registered user of lifethreads studio to have access to our price lists.
  2. Where are they?

  3. What are they (sometimes phrased as “can i get a ballpark price”)?

    • We price via an “a la carte” model.  Pick your base album, add spreads, choose, a cover, any add-ons and put it all together to get a final price.
    • The exact price of an album depends on a few factors:
      • Size of your album (e.g. 6×6, 8×8, 12×12, etc.)
      • Number of spreads (5 are included in the base price and then add a $ per spread)
      • Cover material (Our base price includes your choice of linen, book cloth, or synthetic leather. Full grain leather, bamboo & photo wraps are all upgrade prices)
      • Any upgrades you add to the album (engraving, etc.)
    • Best thing to do? Login to studio, build an album and find out (there’s no obligation to buy one, but they’re so gorgeous, why wouldn’t you?)
  4. Why doesn’t your website just show the your album prices?

    • We sell lifethreads to professional photographers & album resellers only.  We protect the prices of these resellers in respect of the fact that they resell them and that they buy at higher volume than a typical retail customer and therefore get preferential price rates. (much like you don’t know exactly what the grocery store or clothing retailer pays for their goods before selling them to you)
  5. When do I finally get to see them?

    • Sign up with lifethreads studio and then login to your account to get immediate access to prices from your dashboard.
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